Saturday, 6 November 2010

2 into 1 - Review (6)

Theatrenet review by Clare Brotherwood
For the perfect antidote to the recession and the cuts to come, you can do no better than see The Mill at Sonning’s latest production.
First performed in 1981, Two Into One has been brought bang up to date by master of mirth Ray Cooney who places a Tory MP in a London hotel, where he is attempting a romantic tryst with one of David Cameron’s secretaries while his wife is in the room next door trying to bed his personal private secretary.
With a dumb waiter, played completely deadpan by Brian Godfrey, an ineffectual manager (Harry Gostelow) and the MP’s effervescent wife (Elizabeth Elvin), it is left to the bumbling PPS to try and sort things out, and Nick Wilton deserves a special mention for playing his part with such gay abandonment - achieved only with tremendous skill, and tight directing by Ron Aldridge.
Lynette McMorrough also adds to the fun as the Spanish maid, but the biggest surprise of all is the Mill’s artistic director Sally Hughes’ performance as an Ann Widdicombe-esque Labour MP. In grey wig, flat shoes and northern accent she is completely unrecognisable and makes an impact every time she strides onto the stage.
The opening night’s audience’s roars of uninhibited laughter bodes well for this production with its topical jibes at politicians. Even Douglas Heap’s set won a round of applause as various parts of The Westminster Hotel unfolded as in a pop-up book.