Thursday, 28 April 2011

EastEnders 21.04.2011

Here's a link to the ep from 21st April in which I had 4 nice scenes,
and which someone has conveniently posted on youtube.

My four scenes are at 8.43, 14.13, 16.28, and 20.37.

Next episodes on air: May 23rd, June 3rd and July 14th

Friday, 15 April 2011

EastEnders Re-shoot

Back at Elstree today to re-shoot a couple of scenes for next Thursday's episode.
Margaret Tyzack, who joined the cast in February as Janine and Ricky's grandmother Lydia, has now left due to a "personal matter", and her role has been recast, with 83-year-old Heather Chasen taking over the part.
Sadly the two scenes with Lydia in that I originally filmed back on February 28th were cut quite a bit for the re-shoot, and I lost some nice stuff; but I think it will still be quite a good ep for me, if my other scenes have been kept in.