Friday, 23 September 2011

A busy week

Really looking forward to a quiet weekend - on Monday I was up early taking our 5-month old puppy to the vet and myself to the doctors for results of blood tests before travelling up to London for an ad casting; another early start on Tuesday going to Elstree to shoot a couple of scenes for EastEnders (ep. goes out 15 November); drove down to Bournemouth on Wednesday for the panto launch and stayed up late with the director, Chris Jarvis, talking through ideas for the show; yesterday I drove home via Portsmouth, where my son, Barney, has just started at Uni; and today I'm back on the train to London for a costume call for the ad which I went for on Monday, and got, and which I'm filming next Tuesday. A great week.


  1. Really glad eveything is going well for you. What breed of puppy have you got? x

  2. She's supposed to be a poodle/yorkie cross, but she's getting bigger than we thought she'd be. Her name is Winnie (the Yorkie Poo).

  3. Ahhhh, sounds adorable. Never heard of that cross before. Ive just got a Yorkshire Terrier bit of a yappie dog but really loving. Mine is called Ruffles McTuffles because of his ruffled hair. x