Sunday, 4 December 2011

In One Ear - R4 Extra

"In One Ear" on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 10.30pm Friday

BBC Radio 4 Extra is repeating some compilations of "In One Ear", the Sony award-winning comedy show which I did with Helen Lederer, Clive Mantle and Steve Brown.
It was produced by my erstwhile writing partner, Jamie Rix, and went out live on BBC Radio 4 on saturday nights for three series from 1983-1985

Next programme : Friday 9th December at 22.30.
Last week's programme is on BBC iplayer

Here's a link to the BBC iplayer:


  1. Love the show Nick it's good to hear you again, When are they re running son of Cliche again?

  2. Unfortunately i never know when they're going out until i accidentally stumble across a broadcast or someone lets me know they're back on. Son of Cliche was last repeated on BBC 7 (Radio 4 Extra's previous incarnation) around Christmas last year so maybe it will make in on around the same time this year.
    In the meantime I've put Dave Hollins's first mission on YouTube -


  4. I used to love In One Ear...I still giggle at the thought of Frankie Goes To Hollywood does Frank Sinatra.