Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cash on Delivery. Sonning.

Off to Sonning this afternoon to start rehearsals for Cash on Delivery (by Michael Cooney) tomorrow morning. I did the play at The Whitehall Theatre (now Trafalgar Studios) back in 1996;
it was the first time I worked with Ray Cooney, who directed. Brian Godfrey was Assistant Director then and he's directing this time round, as well as playing one of the parts. Anita Graham was with me in the West End and she is reprising her role too.
This time round my wife, Lynette McMorrough,  joins us, as well as some other mates -
Michael Kirk, Eric Carte, Helen Armes and Royce Mills (who I last worked with in The Sloane Ranger Revue at The Duchess Theatre way, way back in 1985). 

Click here to go to Mill at Sonning website:  Mill at Sonning Website

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