Monday, 4 March 2013


Updated 8th March*

Disastrous casting on Friday. Well, sort of. I went to the wrong address and couldn't get back across town to the right one before the director had to leave. So that wasn't the most productive 6 hour round trip to London.
Back up to town on the train today for another casting. Went to the right address this time. Thrilled to get to read with the Writer/Director, Robert B. Weide (who produced /directed Curb Your Enthusiasm). Only a small part (one scene) in new tv comedy series, but it would be great if I could get it. Not sure how the casting went as I was a bit overawed at meeting someone from CYE, which is probably my all-time favourite tv comedy show.

*UPDATE - Friday 8th March
Didn't get the part, but... got offered another one instead. Only a couple of lines but thrilled to be working with a Curb Your Enthusiasm Producer/Director. Just how tacky is it to take in my CYB book for him to sign?


  1. Good luck old chum. Am also an enormo CYI fan so I really hope you get it. You shouldda popped in for a scone. Am laid up on my back after my medeaval bunion operation. Oh well, next time eh? xx

    1. Got it. Well, not the part I went for but another one later in the series.