Friday, 22 October 2010

2 into 1 - review (4)

The Reading Chronicle
by Barrie Theobald

Despite recent promises made by the leaders of all the main political parties we regularly hear tales of MPs trying to conceal unsavoury parts of their private lives from the general public.
Certainly Richard Willey, played by Jeremy Gittins, needed to keep his affair with Jennifer, the Prime Minister’s secretary, played by Rebecca Reaney, under wraps and who better to assist him in that task than his bumbling yet trusty PPS George – a superb performance by Nick Wilton.
Things started to go wrong when the hotel could only accommodate the MP and his not-so-chaste wife, played by Elizabeth Elvin, in a room adjacent to the one reserved for his illicit carryings-on.
Gales of laughter swept the theatre as those involved in this fast-moving comedy try to prevent a hotel manager (Brian Godfrey), a knowing waiter (Harry Gostelow), and a puritanical Labour MP (Sally Hughes) from discovering what was really going on.
This must rank as one of the best comedies at The Mill at Sonning in recent years, with excellent sets and a laugh-a-minute dialogue.
If you haven’t booked tickets yet, do so before this superb production ends on Saturday, November 27.

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