Sunday, 17 October 2010

2 into 1 - Review

Nice review in The Stage...

STAGE Review by Sheila Tracy for "Two Into One"
Published Friday 15 October 2010

Ray Cooney, one of the most entertaining playwrights of our era, wrote this in 1981, long before the recent parliamentary scandals surfaced - but has brought it bang up to date with references to Cameron, Clegg and the coalition. The undoubted stars of this hugely entertaining production are Nick Wilton and the set, designed by Douglas Heap, which changes from the facade of a Westminster hotel to the reception area to the adjoining bedroom suites, complete with double beds and ample opportunity for the opening and shutting of doors as refuge is taken. Wilton is custom-made for the role of a willing parliamentary assistant, assigned by his boss, Conservative MP Dick Willey (trust Cooney), assiduously played by Jeremy Gittins, to book a room for an extra-marital fling with Rebecca Reaney as the PM’s secretary. Elizabeth Elvin gives a delightful performance as the MP’s giggly, gorgeous wife, whose charms prove to be almost the undoing of Wilton.The appearance of the morally correct Lilly Chatterton, trying to launch her anti-vice bill and determined to stamp out pornography in all its forms, gives Sally Hughes a splendid opportunity to pad up, wear a grey wig and remind us of a retired MP who has recently taken to the dance floor. Brian Godfrey is the hotel waiter, willing to oblige for a hefty tip, with Harry Gostelow as the puzzled hotel manager. Director Ron Aldridge gives free rein to Wilton to draw gales of laughter from a delighted audience.

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