Monday, 18 October 2010

2 into 1 - Review (2)

Another nice one...

One would think that Ray Cooney’s political farce would not sound at all appetising, but add sex and this becomes a theatrical rollercoaster of laughs, writes Martyn Jex.
Two into One is purely based around Richard Willey MP (Jeremy Gittins) attempt to arrange a rendezvous with the secretary of the P.M in a Westminster Hotel, while staying with his wife, but engaging his ever so brilliant bumbling aide into covering for him. Add into the mix, a hotel Manager, his staff and it becomes a classic comedy romp of double identities, double entendre, mayhem and confusion, which had this Thursday evening’s audience howling throughout. George Pidgen (Nick Wilton) the MP’s aide was a delight to watch, with pace, energy and the linchpin, was a superior master of comedy, and along with a superb cast it is definitely not a show to miss. With a brilliantly thought out set design and the intimacy of this great theatre, along with a superb atmosphere, I would truly recommend it as a great night out, Running until 27th November 2010.

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